My Lectures in India and Abroad....

I love my lecture tours. I get up onstage. I have my stack of books and a glass of water and a microphone. No podium, no distance between me and the audience, and I just talk to people and get all excited and tell a lot of jokes, and sing some songs, and read from my work and remind people how powerful they are and how beautiful they are.............. Suzan-Lori Parks

University of Porto, Portugal
Workshop of Community Colleges at New York,USA
My lecture at 7th World Water Forum ,Daegu,Korea
As 2016 - Stockholm University, Sweden
Workshop on Wetlands,Bhubaneshwar,India
Mahavir Cancer Institute and Research Centre,Patna
My Lecture at NWO Wotro Internatiorkshop
My Lecture at TU Delft,The Netherlands.
My Lecture at DELTAP Workshop,Dhaka