"A friend is someone who undrstands your past,believes in your future,and accepts you just the way you are"

Seema Sudan - My friend who knows my pleasure,sorrows and secrets of my life and when I am down ,gives me strength to face life
Nagesh Sudan - Man of Steel - Difficult to bend:)
Shubhra Bhattacharya - My most graceful batchmate and fantastic friend !
Dr.Prosun Bhattacharya,Royal Institute of Technology,who put me in International orbit of researchers
Rajiv Nain - Pharma Professional - VP of Aristo Pharma - Entertainer with big heart.
Sunil Nath - Geologist who deals with rocks but has a heart as soft as petals
Dr Debariya Mondal - My co-researcher - working together on Project NUTRI-SAM
Meera Hara Smith - working tirelessly to give relief to Arsenic exposed persons through Project Well - I admire her