Ashok K. Ghosh

I am Ashok Ghosh from India.I started my  professional life as a lecturer of Botany ,but later I shifted to  the area of Environment and Water Management.My research interest is related to arsenic contamination in ground water of Bihar and Nano Biotechnology.I have completed a research project Supported by UNICEF for the study of Arsenic Contaminated Aquifers of Bihar,and Isolation of Microbes from the soil of Bihar Supported by DBT,Government of India.Currently I am working on  the following  three projects:
1. Biosynthesis of Nano particles by Microbes
2.Health Impact of Arsenic on Human Beings
3.Arsenic in Food Chain of Bihar
I established The Department of Environment and Water Management at A.N.College ,Patna in 1996 .This Department was sponsored by UGC,New Delhi as a centre for vocational studies and research .
I have visited USA,UK,Ireland,Spain ,Sweden,Germany,Netherlands,Bangla Desh,Turkey and Australia to present my research papers at International Conferences and deliver guest lectures at many  reputed universities.I have also visited Switzerland,Belgium, Malayesia and Singapore on vacation .I  have been awarded Erasmus Mundus Fellowship  in 2010.
In my free time i keep myself engaged in photography and travel.I love music  and my favourite instrument is my laptop.